Espadín (angustifolia)

It’s a different mezcal, which has the overriding smoky and bitter flavors, we seek to give more sweets and fruit, but always pure and complex new flavors.

Mezcal with intense aroma of agave with green accents. Strong taste of maguey, smoke and fresh spices with a touch of nutmeg.

Santa Tierra espadín can be served with ceviches and seafood with little lemon marinated in orange, accompanied by mango or fig, goes great with leaves and herbs, fresh spices, cilantro, parsley, celery and chives. Ideal for hot starter. Fresh and light meats or canapés. As with creamy, soft cheeses and fresh cheeses.

Arroqueño (americana var americana)

Arroqueño Santa Tierra is a strong aromatic mezcal, which can be identified intense aromas of macerated agave. The taste of acid pulp with less smoke and more flavor agave nectar, slightly bittersweet is perceived more.

This powerful mezcal can be served with tortilla chips as gorditas, Tlacoyos, quesadillas, tamales and duck meat, chicken and pork, smoked or barbecue . The Arroqueño is ideal for Veracruz and Yucatan cuisine. In Oaxacan cuisine goes well with roasts crickets and red or yellow “mole” Also for dishes accompanied by chutney risottos, pastas with tomato, shallots and garlic.

Tobalá (potatorum succ)

Without doubt the best Tobalá you ever drank, is an enigmatic mezcal, its rarity is its beauty. With a soft scent of marinated agave, may be perceived taste of acid pulp without much smoke, is slightly sweet.

Santa Tierra is paired perfectly with black mole of Oaxaca, sour turkey, roast duck, baked pork stew with plum sauce, turkey in chestnut sauce, dry marinades, manchamanteles with pork or chicken. It is ideal as a digestive for its complexity and high alcohol grade.

Coyote (americana oaxacensis)

The woman favorite mezcal for its softness and subtle aroma, slightly sweet and fruity. Presents a touch of agave nectar.
Santa Tierra Coyote goes perfect with pork loin marinated in sweet sauce, blanquette de veau, chicken in mushroom sauce, foie gras, maguey worms in butter, chiles en nogada, chalupitas with goat cheese and chipotle. Pasta poblano sauce, curry, sweet mole, red sauce, caramelized flavors, excellent gravy and butter are perfect for this mezcal, is considered ideal for Cajun and Creole cuisine.